Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Google brings public domain books to the internet

"Public domain books, long out of copyright and seen only by the fortunate few in the great research libraries of the world, are about to come out of the closet in their millions and into the homes of internet users all over the world."
Guardian Unlimited Business | | Google offers digitised Dante and online Hugo

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Coveney Stands Up For Trafficking Victims

Irish Examiner> Breaking News> Sport: "Temporary residency permits should be offered to people trafficked into Ireland for cheap labour or sexual exploitation, it was claimed today.

Fine Gael MEP Simon Coveney called on the Government to consider including the measure to aid trafficked women in planned immigration and anti-trafficking legislation.

“Human trafficking is rooted in poverty; the victims are usually women and they are forced into dangerous, illegal or abusive work,” he said."

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Nasrallah regrets abduction

"Had we known that the kidnapping of the soldiers would have led to this, we would definitely not have done it,"

An astonishing statement from Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah - what did he think would happen?
Nasrallah regrets abduction

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Angels top Yankees in volatile game - Baseball -

"The Angels, trying to stay close in the AL West, improved to 55-51 against New York since Joe Torre became its manager in 1996. They are the only team to hold an edge over the Yankees in that span, and also have beaten them in two playoff series."

Angels top Yankees in volatile game - Baseball - Why the Plan B Debate Won't Go Away -- Page 1

Why the Plan B Debate Won't Go Away
TIME - all 1,129 news articles »

I read Google News every day and this is the first time I can remember ever seeing anything from Time. Why the Plan B Debate Won't Go Away -- Page 1

Friday, August 25, 2006

Scorpions On A Plane

Almost! China Daily reports a passenger with a bag full of live scorpions tried to board a flight bound for his home. Innovative terrorist? Amateur film maker? Not quite, turns out he had some really delicious scorpion soup during his trip and he wanted to make it at home. Mmmm, I hear the stinger is the best part.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Karr - One Person Has The Right Idea

But, while the recent arrest of a suspect in one of the most captivating murder cases in Colorado history might capture the attention of the Boulder public, some were out of the loop.

“What are you talking about?” asked 23-year-old Destiny Bowman, being made aware of the recent of the arrest. “I don’t have a TV; it’s all nonsense.”

Ca�on City Daily Record - Officials: Ramsey suspect innocent until proven guilty

IOL: Aids theories belong to 'lunatic fringe'

""South Africa's HIV and Aids policies have featured prominently at the HIV and Aids conference, with activists strongly condemning the health minister's advocating nutrition as a prevention method.

Co-chair of the Aids conference Mark Wainberg called the theories "scientific nonsense" and said it was unconscionable to use "lemon juice as an HIV-prevention method".""
IOL: Aids theories belong to 'lunatic fringe'

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Merkley Interview

"There are no revolutionary secrets here - no special filters, etc. Really it comes down to just a whole lot of tweaking. I use [Photoshop] CS2 but everything I do could be done with PS7. Time and attention to detail are the important elements. Coming from a background where one painting takes me 75 hours, spending a few hours on a photo seems like I am getting away like a criminal. I sometimes feel guilty - like it's not painful enough. Painting is painful." merkley - Your flickr superstars, interviewed.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Press-Telegram - All you need to know about "Snakes"

A little song
A little dance
A deadly viper
Crawling up your pants

Press-Telegram - All you need to know about "Snakes"

Don't expect Snakespeare just go have some fun.

>>"There are some movies that deserve criticism. They want people to know that it's a great dramatic accomplishment and has some great performances in it. But, c'mon. Yes, you will have some fun if you go see 'Snakes on a Plane.' Snakes are biting people — and they're biting them right on screen. There's nothing to review. It's not 'Snakes on the Waterfront.' You don't have snakes going, 'I coulda been a constrictor.' No. Hell no. It's 'Snakes on a Plane.' "

— Jackson<<

Saturday, August 12, 2006

For Disabled Travelers - Airport Screening Procedures

"TSA's Checkpoint Security Screening Procedures for persons with
disabilities, medical conditions, and the mature have not changed as a result
of the current threat situation."

From NVRC News, Cheryl Heppner, Editor, August 11, 2006

The following information is from Sandra Cammaroto of the
Transportation Security Administration, who is Director of the Office of Screening
of Persons with Disabilities

Travelers with Disabilities, Medical Conditions, and the Mature

Over the last 24 hours; British authorities have arrested a significant
number of extremists engaged in a substantial plot to destroy multiple
passenger aircraft flying from the United Kingdom to the United States.

DHS is taking immediate steps to increase security measures in the
aviation sector in coordination with heightened security precautions in the
United Kingdom. The nation's threat level has been raised to Severe, or
Red, for commercial flights originating in the United Kingdom bound for
the United States. To defend further against any remaining threat from
this plot, the threat level has been raised to High, or Orange, for all
commercial aviation operating in or destined for the United States.

The intent of this message is to alert potential air travelers with
disabilities, medical conditions, and the mature of the elevated threat
level, encourage them to take proactive and necessary steps to alleviate
potential adverse impacts, and provide connections to further
information and assistance.

The following quotes are extracted from DHS Secretary Michael
Chertoff's press conference earlier yesterday:

"In light of the nature of the liquid explosive devices which were
designed by the plotters, we are temporarily banning all liquids in
carry-ons in aircraft cabins. That means no liquids or gels will be allowed
in carry-on baggage.

Any liquids or gels have to be checked have to be checked as part of
baggage to go into the hold. There will be exceptions for baby formula
and medicines, but travelers must be prepared to present these items
for inspection at the checkpoint, and that will allow us to take a look
at them and make sure that they're safe to fly."

"Today, air traffic is safe. And air traffic will remain safe
precisely because of the measures we are adopting today. People should be
patient, but they need not cancel their travel plans. They simply need to
be aware there may be some delays and they may want to check with
their carriers to see whether they ought to adjust their arrival times at

Overall guidance to travelers with disabilities is located on the web
site of the Department of Homeland Security's Transportation Security
at: This guidance includes
disability/medical conditions specific tips.

TSA's Checkpoint Security Screening Procedures for persons with
disabilities, medical conditions, and the mature have not changed as a result
of the current threat situation.

All disability-related equipment, aids, and devices continued to be
allowed through security checkpoints once cleared through screening.

Items permitted beyond the checkpoint include: wheelchairs; scooters;
crutches; canes; walkers; prosthetic devices; casts; support braces;
support appliances; service animals; any and all diabetes related
medication, equipment, and supplies; orthopedic shoes; exterior medical
devices; assistive/adaptive equipment; augmentation devices; ostomy
supplies; medications and associated supplies; hearing aids; cochlear implants;
tools for wheelchair disassembly/reassembly; personal supplemental
oxygen; CPAP machines; respirators; CO2 personal oxygen concentrators; baby
apnea monitors; Braille note takers; slate and stylus; tools for
prosthetic devices; and any other disability-related equipment.

Current restrictions prohibit liquids, gels, or lotions (except baby
formula/milk and medications) through the security screening checkpoints
and onboard the aircraft. This includes common items, such as, but not
limited to: beverages, perfume/cologne, shampoo, shaving cream, suntan
lotion, creams, toothpaste, hair gels, saline solution. Such items are
recommended for transport in checked baggage.

It is also recommended that those with medications only take the amount
of medication essential to sustain them until arrival at their final
destination. Additional medication can be placed in checked baggage or
mailed to their final destination. This will help speed up the
screening process and avoid additional delays.

Travelers with disabilities, medical conditions, and the mature may
want to consider the following:

Arriving at the airport well in advance, 2-3 hours prior to flight
Following all published rules on carry-on items and medications Viewing TSA
website tips for persons with disabilities and medical conditions and
other TSA screening advisements located on TSAs website under "Our

Bringing documentation on medications, devices, medical condition where
possible. This is not a requirement and will not exempt a passenger
from the screening process.

Packing medications in a clear bag separate from other carry-on
Exercising patience with the lines, delays, and stringent screening
For additional information on transportation security:

TSA Website

TSA Contact Center 1-866-289-9673

For concerns about potential rights violations:

TSA Office of Civil Rights 1-877-336-4872, TTY 800-877-8339

For information about overall air travel accessibility:
DOT Air Carrier Access Hotline 1-800-778-4838