Monday, July 09, 2007

SiCKO Builds a Movement | TPMCafe

SiCKO Builds a Movement | TPMCafe:

>>"After seeing Moore's film, most people want to pose a big question to all politicians: Will you work to guarantee health care for all? Not incrementally – one disease at a time, or one group (like kids) and then another group (like their parents) in another program – but through a universal system of health care for all?

Here's a second crucial question we should politicians: Will you pledge to cut the big insurance and drug companies out of a central role in the design of your universal health care plan? This week the Campaign for America's Future joined with MoveOn in a campaign to urge our members to take friends to see SiCKO and then to communicate with all the candidates for president, asking them to reject contributions from big insurance and drug companies. We will publicize the answers."<<

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