Friday, September 14, 2007 - Weather Forecasters Have an Obligation to Report The Truth - FOX Fan - Weather Forecasters Have an Obligation to Report The Truth - FOX Fan

"I recall early on in Gaby’s formation one of the local channels here in New York (that shall remain un-named even though I’d love to call them out!) went crazy on the potential for Gaby to “BECOME A HURRICANE AND HIT THE JERSEY SHORE!” This was being said even before the storm was categorized as even a depression out in the Atlantic! Early computer models were all over the place in trying to figure out where the storm was going. There was only one model early on that brought the storm up close to the New York City vicinity and most of the other weather models were aping for more of a “Carolinas” storm.

I found it very interesting that this station was moving quickly on the possibility that this storm could come up and slam the New York City area. Is this for ratings? Scare tactics? Getting your name in lights as being the only station predicting the storm “COULD MOST DEFINITELY (!) hit the tri-state area?” Now, I can understand if the National Hurricane Center had come out with a forecast that made their track a little more northeast centered, I might be a little forgiving … but that was not the case. I found myself getting really angry with this local station blatantly going to air and trying to scare people that, “The big one could be coming!"

Maybe because I do national weather, I’m a little more immune to these local games, but come on! What happened to being responsible weather forecasters? What happened to saying “the eastern seaboard needs to monitor this storm system?” I found myself flipping through all the local channels to see who was being fair and who was being out of line and irresponsible. I will give a shout out to our local FOX station, FOX 5 and their forecasting team, led by Nick Gregory, who were very conscious of their viewing audience. There was zero fear forecasting from Mr. Gregory whom I think is the best in the business here in town. (OK, I’m a little biased … but I think most New Yorkers would agree with me here!)"

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