Monday, May 12, 2008

Legislator asks UMass to revoke Mugabe's honorary degree

Who the hell was running uMass in the 1980's? From the AP story - "But in the two decades since, Mugabe has been condemned for attacks on dissidents and accused of running a corrupt government." That seems to be putting it mildly as Mugabe has basically run the country into the ground. According to the BBC Zimbabwe's current inflation rate is running around 3,731.9%.

Zimbabwe dead:
"But, this year, Zimbabwe has been judged by the World Health Organisation to have the lowest life expectancy in the world. Last month, the cemeteries of the capital, Harare, were declared full. This week more than 3,500 people will die of HIV-related illness and tests on post-natal mothers have found infection rates of 70 per cent. A country whose population at its last census numbered 12 million people is dying in droves; its health system is in total disarray and malnutrition is a daily struggle for the majority of the country."

Worcester Telegram & Gazette AP State News

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