Monday, June 23, 2008

More on Carlin

First a comment on News Hounds comments page on HaloScan and then a quote from The Man himself. - Comments: "First Harvey Korman, now George Carlin. Sheesh!
At least we've still got Dane Cook. (rolls eyes)
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A similar thing happened when John Belushi died and we were left with Jim Belushi.

And now George can have the last word.

A: I like Bill, by the way. If there were only one cherry pie in the world, and Bill Clinton owned it, I might get a piece of it. If Bush or Reagan owned it, you'd have to kill them to get a piece of pie. That's my feeling about Bill. And Bill's a good bullshitter. America likes a good bullshitter. That's one of the reasons he was re-elected. Honesty has no place in politics. It would throw everything off.
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