Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daily Kos: Evil genius or cop out? The McConnell�capitulation

Daily Kos: Evil genius or cop out? The McConnell�capitulation: "That Dem source who is quaking at McConnell's 'genius' is part of that insider Beltway crowd that thinks that voters give a rat's ass about the deficit.

So Republicans would get three votes to 'disapprove' of Obama's debt-ceiling raising actions. Oh noes! Is that like a sternly worded letter?

Look, the Democratic stimulus package of 2009 was the largest tax cut in American history, and Republicans still accused Democrats of raising taxes in 2010. That's what Republicans do.

So the Dems could slash the deficit down to zero this year, and Republicans would STILL run around accusing them of spending too much. It's what they do. They've only got a few tricks in their bag (abortion! taxes! deficit! gay people!).

So McConnell's plan gives Republicans the ability to bash Democrats for spending, which they would do anyway, and this is a big victory for them? Genius? Hardly. This is a capitulation.

Just watching teabagger heads explode will be worth the price of admission."

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