Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Boing Boing: Commercial music in podcasts: the end of free expression?

From Boing Boing in regards to Podshow - PodShow is a new service that talks music labels into licensing their music for free playback on podcasts. So far, so good.

The problem is that in return for access to PodCast music, you agree to a license that prohibits you from referencing "software piracy (warez, cracking, etc.), hacking, phreaking, emulators, ROM's, or illegal MP3 activity" or saying anything "deemed unsuitable or harmful to the reputation of PodShow or the Licensor." .....................

Thursday, August 25, 2005

memories, washed away

memories, washed away
Originally uploaded by thebigdurian.
From the cloudburst of Mumbai archive on Flickr. Powerful images from the recent floods. Selections from the larger group are also posted in my flickr Favorites.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Reporters Bribed In China

A coalmine flood took place in Ruzhou on July 31, and while the authorities attempted to keep a lid on the accident, information quickly seeped out through mobile phone SMS. Within a fortnight, a large number of journalists had rushed into the area. A local official surnamed Yang said that 480 reporters received RMB 200,000 (USD 24,660) in hush money.

The mine in question was said to be connected to a senior local official.

Yang was also quoted as saying that the amount was nothing compared with the money offered to reporters for covering up similar coal mine accidents in the cities of Dengfeng and Xinmi, also in Henan Province.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

A screen shot

This is what I'm talking about.

iTunes is sending me a podcast I didn't subscribe to

I was surprised to find a podcast from openpodcast.org (Lesley Belle Promo - OpenPodcast.org #2824) on my iTunes this morning. They don't have me listed as a subscriber. I do subscribe to openpodcast but I use Doppler to pull it in and iTunes is only the player. That sub is in it's normal place but for some reason I have an unsolicited download as well. It's located in the iTunes Podcast section not as a single playlist like the other Doppler catches. Most peculiar.

Friday, August 19, 2005

RBS Interactive...

Explosive growth phase???? That's a term used in conjunction with things like use of the internet not a small marketing company.

We're a dynamic company that's growing fast.
Since Rob Schmidt founded RBS Interactive—with just a laptop computer and a good idea—it has grown steadily and inevitably into a home improvement and automotive services company with a nationwide presence. Now we're in our "explosive growth" phase, and looking for exceptional people to join our team and take us to the next level of performance.

Fetal Tissue Heals Burns

From washingtonpost.com:

The treatment led to the regrowth of essentially normal skin on second- and third-degree burns in about two weeks, according to the report by a Swiss research team. The scarring and tissue contraction seen after many burns did not occur, and dressing changes were easier and less painful, the researchers said.

The fetal tissue promotes growth of the patient's own skin cells rather than becoming incorporated into the recipient's skin as a true "graft." Further, it appears that a piece of fetal skin smaller than a postage stamp could be used to produce enough cells to treat hundreds of patients.

"The results were sort of unexpected. ....

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Art of Foley - Specifics

Foley is the art of creating sounds for use on movie soundtracks. Learn the basics at this easy to use site.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Polio Making A Comeback?

There are twice as many cases this year as last.

>>WHO reports polio exists in 24 countries. Eighteen are African countries that had been polio-free. Seventeen got re-infected from Nigeria. The only exception, it says, is Angola that received the virus from India.<<

VOA News - WHO Says 2005 Polio Eradication Goal May Be Missed

"Podcast" is just fine with me

Why on earth would a person want to use a three syllable word when they can use two?
Dan Farber makes the point that the word 'podcast' is technically inaccurate already and will soon be even more so. It also ignores the history of audio distribution on the internet. He suggests 'audiocast' or 'audiocasting' instead but I'm not sure that technical accuracy is important here to anyone but techies and I'm virtually certain that very few people care about the historical aspect. Podcast is a nice friendly two syllable word that rolls right off the tongue and I'm willing to bet that's enough for most folks. Unless someone comes up with a single syllable term.

� Audiocasting's, aka podcasting, perfect storm | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com

Sunday, August 14, 2005

podsafe music network

I've known about it for a while but tonight was my first visit. I'll post again if I hear anything good. By the way, and off the subject, I've been using iTunes since January or so and it's just great. Having used RealPlayer for many years without ever liking it I was thrilled when I found out how convenient and friendly iTunes is. Play and organize your music collection, buy and download music online, (.99cents a song - discount for buying an album), listen to free radio staions easily and automatically download free podcasts. It's a free player too so there's no cost involved and the installation is EZ. Odd too, I only got it because it came with the QuickTime Player which I don't use a tenth as much.
podsafe music network

Innocuous Language Causes Huge Overreacton

This is so disturbing I don't even know how to comment.

>>WUKY never heard complaints about The Writer’s Almanac because the station always edited potentially offensive language, Godell said. Prairie Home Productions and American Public Media, the segment’s producer and distributor, do not edit or select the content.

“It’s not a terrible burden to edit, but my concern is that something slips through,” Godell said. “We have certain standards of decency, and I expect our national producers to do the same thing.”

The station vigilantly checks song lyrics for offensive content, Godell said, and broadcasts with language advisories are carefully considered. If offensive language clarifies a story, it will be broadcast, especially when listeners can be warned first. But an FCC sanction would be an embarrassment to the station and the university, Godell said.<<
Lexington Herald-Leader | 08/11/2005 | WUKY cancels radio program over offensive content

George's Room

From Wasserman in The Boston Globe via The Grey Matter

Friday, August 12, 2005

Richard Thompson has a new album

All acoustic for the first time in many years. It gets some good words from this notice in the Canada.com entertainment section.

MUSIC -Entertainment - canada.com network

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Typical PC User Podcast

Typical PC User Podcast

The Onion | Bush Vows To Eliminate U.S. Dependence On Oil By 4920

Excerpt:     Exxon Mobil CEO Lee Raymond said the petroleum-producing company shares Bush's hopes for a cleaner environment "well before the sun turns into a red giant and dies."

"Mobil Oil has already made great strides in protecting the precious air and water within the television-commercial environment. And we plan to golf closely with the U.S. Department of Energy and oil-industry lobbyists to ensure that President Bush's initiative comes to pass in the unimaginably distant future."

The Onion | Bush Vows To Eliminate U.S. Dependence On Oil By 4920

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What happens when someone doesn't want their properties shown on Google Earth?

It remains to be seen. From Search Engine Watch -

Google Asked to Remove Imagery from Google Earth

Philipp points to this News.com.au story about the head of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation asking Google to remove an image of Australia's only nuclear reactor from Google Earth.

They have a good security argument for being removed. And so do many others. Probably won't be long before they speak up. And...could these exemptions apply to individual property owners? Is there a security argument there?

Google Asked to Remove Imagery from Google Earth

Google Not Happy With CNET

For the crime of using Google too well it seems.
Google Not Happy With CNET

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Spyware Researchers Discover ID Theft Ring - Yahoo! News

In an interview with Ziff Davis Internet News, Eckelberry said the sophistication of the operation suggests it's the work of a "massive identity theft ring" that used keystroke loggers to grab confidential information that could be used to create fake online identities.

"I'm not being dramatic. This is the most repulsive thing I've ever seen. It's very painful to see what's in these log files that are being uploaded in real time. We're seeing a lot of bank information and usernames and passwords to get in," Eckelberry said.
Eckelberry said the "CoolWebSearch" payload included a typical adware download that immediately scanned the infected machine for e-mails to use for spam runs. It then sets up a "very intelligent keylogger" that looks for very specific information.

"This won't get caught by a typical anti-spyware application," he said, noting that the keystroke logger was able to pick up identity-related data for delivery to the remote server.
Spyware Researchers Discover ID Theft Ring - Yahoo! News

Friday, August 05, 2005

Girl With A Pearl Earring Goes Commercial

Name of product withheld for fear of encouraging this kind of stuff.

The Painting The Movie

Google Earth Help

Google Earth Help

Singapore opposition turns to podcast for outreach

By Fayen Wong

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - A Singapore opposition party has launched "podcast" on its Web site in an attempt to bypass state-controlled media and reach out to citizens.

But it may not last long.

"The Internet remains a medium that the government finds it hard to censor, although it has enacted many laws aimed at curtailing the use of the Internet for political purposes," Chee said.

The government bans non-commercial private ownership of satellite dishes, publications need permits to circulate and newspapers are published by the government-linked Singapore Press Holdings.

In 2001, prior to a parliamentary poll, new laws were introduced to control the dissemination of political messages via the Internet and in text messages on mobile phones.

The Media Authority of Singapore (MDA), the city-state's media watchdog, said podcasting comes under current media laws.

"The MDA will continue to study developments in this area and refine its approach," said Casey Chang, spokeswoman for the MDA, declining to spell out whether the SDP would be contravening any law by podcasting.

Internet News Article | Reuters.co.uk

Thursday, August 04, 2005

On Long Island, researchers bring back the polio pathogen: Corante > Corante New York >

On Long Island, researchers bring back the polio pathogen: Corante > Corante New York >

Angola immunizes 5 million children in polio fight

The three-day, $3.74 million campaign, which ends onSunday, was run by the Health Ministry, the United NationsChildrens Fund UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO)and is aimed at stopping polio before it spreads.

Angola this month identified three new cases of the disease-- two in the capital Luanda and one in the western province ofBenguela -- the first such cases since 2001.

The diagnoses, along with a new outbreak of polio inIndonesia, were a setback to the WHO which has campaigned tostop the global spread of polio by the year‘s end.

Marked on Google Earth
Angola immunizes 5 million children in polio fight

BBC NEWS | Americas | Stone-throwing girl escapes trial

>>Police responded with three cars and a helicopter after the 11-year-old threw a stone at a group of boys who rode by on their bikes and pelted her and her brother with water balloons.<<

That sounds like a sensible use of taxpayer dollars.

BBC NEWS | Americas | Stone-throwing girl escapes trial