Saturday, January 03, 2009

Free voices on Internet new path to democracy in China_English_Xinhua

Free voices on Internet new path to democracy in China_English_Xinhua: "Local officials, on the other hand, are going a step further to write blogs and hold debates with netizens on hot issues.

Li Ou, vice mayor of Siping in the northeastern Jilin Province, has been hailed by netizens as being the most active mayor who uses his real name to debate with netizens on social affairs.

Li's blog was selected as one of the 'top 10 blogs of 2008' in a poll by the People's Daily based on the votes from millions of netizens.

Another local official, Liao Xinbo, deputy director of the Department of Public Health of the southern Guangdong Province, was also on the list. His blog was picked for pointing out the keyto China's new medical reform plan which is likely to be issued in January, reported the People's Daily.

Liao wrote on Dec. 25 that China should learn from other countries, such as Cuba, in drafting the long-delayed medical reform plan.

'The government is seeking new ways for the public to voice opinions,' said Yan."

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