Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hohe hoholulu - Say What?

This was filtered out as spam too. Congratulations Hotmail for getting one right. Anyone know what it means?

Hohe hoholulu

Me by the proud sarmishtha, the daughter of vrishaparvan,
this thing saved a good deal of labor to a large with sternset
face and never a sign of emotion, we should speak only of
what is or is not punishable. In the name of roth, who is
said to have been interest and selfish calculation, not
because ideals in each succeeding generation are often him
that the girl, her lip bleeding, her parki home. Then they
rode through the valley behind great intelligence, bhrigu,
viraja, kasi, and smoothed the pillow about his head and
the sheets curiosity is great.' thus addressed by the son
usually identified with the moon, has led edd. Bad acts,
of wicked understanding, and excessive sisterhermia challoner,
the courted, the fâted,.


Susie said...

Ah, a randomly-generated spam text! I love these. Spammers use them to validate their messages and get them past spam filters.

On my site, I make these text samples into mini stories. Would you mind if I used this one?

Candlemaker said...

Susie, LOL,feel free to use this in a story but if you can please let me know when you post it.