Thursday, September 04, 2008

Questions and Notes on the John McCain Acceptance Speech

Is John McCain disabled? His right hand doesn't look too good and he can't raise either arm over his head. For the purposes of serving as President I suppose he's not but he clearly has physical limitations. Of course he's also seventy two years old and between that and his North Vietnamese captors

How can you complain about styrofoam columns when you're using a photographic backdrop. And what the heck is that? A large white building fronted by a large expanse of neatly kept green lawn. Is it the White House? And now they've switched to a field. Well at least it's not printed slogans for the inarticulate George W. Bush.

A woman just stormed to the front of the audience looking somewhat crazed and really fired up. I think she was pro McCain but I'm not sure. McCain smiled and laughed a bit.

McCain just said he doesn't work for a party. Huh? So that's why Carl Rove is working so hard to get him elected? Is that why Fox News openly campaigns for him? Fair and Balanced you say? Get a clue.

Now he's attacking judges legislating from the bench. And here I was thinking they were settling legal disputes. Question: What's the difference between an activist judge and a judge handing down a decision? Answer: Your view of the decision.

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